Youth Classes

The Red Cross Swimming Program strives to teach all swimming strokes and basic to expert swimming skills. We promote fitness, endurance, and life-ling skills to safely pursue other aquatic interests in a fun and enjoyable way. Swimming is a life skill that is so important to learn as a child especially, but also at any point in life. Learning the basics of how to support yourself and give yourself the confidence you need to get in the water can open up so many new opportunities.

Red Cross Preschool

For children ages 3-5. This is evaluated by animals: Starfish, Duck, Sea Turtle, Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile, and Whale. The levels offered will start at Sea Otter. The first three levels are parent assisted and will not be offered.

Red Cross Swim Kids

Once children turn five they will be ready to begin Red Cross Swim Kids evaluated through levels 1-10.

Life Saving Courses

Once passed level 10 and interested in getting lifeguarding or Instructors certifications the next steps are taking swim patrol, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. For more information about these courses please contact us with your interest because they will only be run if there are enough people.

Emergency First Aid

First Aid is a life skill to learn at any age. Emergency First Aid is one of the most popular Red Cross courses offered. It teaches unconscious breathing and non-breathing victims, cardiac arrest, conscious and unconscious obstructed airway (choking), external bleeding, cardiovascular emergencies including heart attack , angina, stroke, and TIA, and respiratory emergencies like hyperventilation, asthma, and anaphylaxis.

People Savers

The goal of the four level course is to teach safety awareness and first aid skill to elementary children. The course starts for children as young as 5 yrs old to 12 yrs old. People Savers learn to care for cuts, bleeding, unconsciousness, poisoning, comfort, burns, rescue breathing and broken bones. This four level course is run between 1-4 hrs and will be offered on Saturdays and followed by a swim!

Babysitters Course

The babysitters course is highly recommended for children aged 11-15 interested in caring for children. The course teaches the business of babysitting, how to care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school aged children, creating a safe environment and how to handle emergencies and first aid. This course is an 8 hour session that will be run on registered Saturdays, followed by a swim!


All lessons are semi-private with 4 kids maximum per class. If you would like to register siblings or friends together they do not have to be the same level. One can be instructed while another is practicing a skill. All lessons are $65 and run for four consecutive days in 45 minute lessons. Payment can be made in either cash or cheque and is due on the first day of lessons.

Lessons are run back to back. Children need to be ready on time because I cannot run lessons longer then scheduled. there is a red brick path beside the house leading to the pool house. During the winter we ask that you use the side door to the sunroom. As the weather warms your welcome to walk directly into the pool area.

Malyn Fischtner, Instructor

Malyn Fischtner has completed swimming levels 1-10, bronze cross, bronze medallion, people savers, babysitters course facilitator, standard first aid/CPR, Assistant Water Safety Instructor (AWSI), Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and WSI/LSS. Malyn has several years teaching experience.

Contact Over the Deep End

To recieve a class schedule send me an e-mail requesting the next available class schedule.