We offer both one hour and 45 minute classes.  All sessions are 6 weeks long and the prices include HST.  The one hour classes are $ 75.00 per session, the 45 minute classes are $ 65.00 per session.  A session entitles you to one class per week at the scheduled time.


Classes run from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
to get a schedule go to the Contact page and send me an e-mail – let me know what type of class you are interested in and I will let you know what is available

Group Aqua Fit Beginner

This is a four week course designed to teach new participants the most common moves used for aqua fit and get them comfortable with the buoyancy belts. It is done in the deep end with the pool tempeture between 86 and 88. It is a great start and suitable for participants with various levels of cardio ability. This class has a 5 minute warm up, 35 minutes cardio and muscle followed by 10 minute yoga cool down and ending with a 5 minute meditation. You will leave all your stress and worries at the bottom of the pool, I’ll vacuum them up later.

Group Aqua Fit Beyond the Basics

Exactly what it sounds like. This is a four week course designed for participants with some experience with aquafit. Everyone works at the level they are comfortable with, experience is needed to understand the moves and posture, however this is not a “high end” cardio work out – this class is accessible to all. We start with a 5 minute warm up, move into 10 minutes of abdominal work, 30 minutes cardio followed by a 10 minute yoga cool down. You will sleep well after this class.

Aqua Forever

This class is designed for seniors. The hour is spent doing gentle moves to focus on balance and strength rather than cardio. The pool tempeture is always a minimum of 88 degrees. I will be on deck as well as in the water for this class. The class structure is a 10 minute warm up, 30 minute balance and strength using sea serpents and buoyancy dumb bells, 10 minute yoga cool down and 5 minute mediation.

Water Running

For those of you that love to run but worry about injury or snow and ice, this is a zero impact on joints workout with all the cardio burn you want. For this class you are tethered to a rope and run against that rope. It is interval running with jumping jacks and tucks in between to keep your heart rate up during recovery. This class is for people that love running and people that have never run – there is no distance and no speed measured, you are running against yourself, no one else.


This is a 30 minute boot camp class with cardio and muscle work, followed by a 30 minute water yoga.  It really is the best of both worlds.  Leave this class with a new lease on life after a 5 minute water Savasana at the end of every class.

Fibro Moves

This is a gentle work out focusing on range of motion, safe stretching and relaxing. There is a 15 minute warm up, 30 minute workout, 10 minute yoga cool down and 5 minute meditation. The tempeture for the pool is never below 88 degrees for this class. The water tempeture is crucial for the success of participants in this group.

Personality Plus

For those with plus size bathing suits and personalities to match. This class is reserved for everyone that is uncomfortable or self-conscious of how they feel in a bathing suit. Everyone in this class is here for the same reason; get fit, have some laughs and no judgement. This class is particularly near to my heart, joining any group fitness class takes motivation and if you are battling self confidence it also takes courage. Water is such a wonderful place to start your fitness path, it’s safe, the level of difficulty is completely up to you and perhaps the best part; the blanket effect. Everyone is under the water, you can only see each other from the neck up – not what is jiggling and wiggling from the neck down, this is called the “blanket effect” and what happens under the blanket, stays under the blanket. I’m so certain that you will embrace this class that I am offering a full refund after the 2nd week if you don’t. Give it a try – you’re my inspiration!

Boot Camp

This is a high energy class with lots of cardio with tethered running, weight work, ball work and circuit. A great chance to challenge yourself, everyone works at their own level while the work outs become progressively harder each week. This class is suitable for anyone looking to "feel the burn", don't be fooled by the name - Bikinni's not required to do this class!

A & W Arthritis and Water

This class is targeted at all ages of people that suffer from arthritis. The movements focus on range of motion and stretching in a safe environment. Pool tempeture is a minimum 88 degrees. This class is entirely in the deep end, the greater the depth of water the less impact on joints. Being suspended in the deep water actually creates space in the joints, allowing the joints to be free of pain and increase their range of motion.

Contact Over the Deep End

To recieve a class schedule send me an e-mail requesting the next available class schedule.