The facilities of the water fitness studio is designed for small groups looking for exercise opportunities in an atmosphere that is holistic and welcoming. The salt water pool is 16 feet by 32 feet and has a regular temperature of 88 degrees fahrenheit at all times. Warmer then most public swimming pools. The 2000 square foot facility is designed to feel like an outdoor room with a pool in the corner. There is lots of natural light from the many windows and two sliding patio doors. There is a bathroom and four individual change rooms for your use. There is no shower, but with a salt water pool you don't have the harsh chlorine smell you get with a typical public pool.

All equipment is air dried and stored on shelves that were built with spacing to allow breathing to avoid the possibility of mould. The equipment is checked and sanitized regularly.

Equipment available:

  • Buoyancy Belts are worn on your waist with the buoyancy sponge on your back.With small, medium, and large sizes they fit everyone.
  • Buoyancy dumbbells are like buoyant free weights to be used in a variety of ways in the water.
  • Sea serpent noodles are very compact and strong. Sea serpent noodles are used for yoga, pushups, and planks in the water.

Contact Over the Deep End

To recieve a class schedule send me an e-mail requesting the next available class schedule.