About Over the Deep End

Over The Deep End is a water fitness studio located in Strathroy, Ontario. The facility provides a warm, tropical feeling indoor salt water pool in a 2000 square foot building. Located on highway 22, it is minutes away from Strathroy and surrounding areas. Over The Deep End offers classes in aqua fit, aqua running, and various forms of water therapy. This is not a public pool and there are no open swim times available. Attendance is available only to registered participants for classes; sorry no drop-ins.

The pool temperature is kept between 86 and 89 degrees. Various classes offer yoga cool down and mediation in the water. There are two CALA certified instructors offering daytime and evening classes with various class designs. Class size is limited to 8 people per class which allows the instructor to give individual attention where needed. Over The Deep End provides a warm welcome to all shapes, sizes, abilities and disabilities.

For more information please feel free to call Teresa Fischtner (519)245-1257.